A day at the hospital

Like many of us, I can say that a hospital is rarely a place I would rank in my top 10 favorite places to be, but sometimes you have to go to one anyway.  Recently, my mom had to have a minor procedure done.  We initially thought it would be outpatient so I planned to spend the day at the hospital so I could be there when she recovered.  Luckily, I brought my camera with me so I made the best of the waiting time by taking some pictures of the grounds.  Mom is in great shape and was already trying to do too much too fast just days after she came home...typical.

An outdoor waiting area at Baptist Hospital in Lexington, KY.  Canon SX280 HS

I've certainly been to hospitals before, but under most circumstances I pay little attention to the grounds.  Baptist Hospital here in Lexington actually has some nice outdoor spaces, including a few areas with benches, statues and flowers for quiet contemplation.

A close-up of some lovely flowers in a small garden waiting area at Baptist Hospital Lexington, KY. Canon SX280 HS

There was a very small garden just outside the entrance to the Oncology Center with a single bench located right in the middle of all the flowers and tall brush.  It was a very peaceful place in the middle of an otherwise busy hospital.

A fountain just next to a covered picnic style waiting area.  Baptist Hospital Lexington, KY. Canon SX280 HS

Macro of a few leaves on a bush.  Baptist Hospital Lexington, KY.  Canon SX280 HS

Macro of a leaf on the walkway.  Baptist Hospital Lexington, KY.  Canon SX280 HS

Although many of us probably associate a hospital with negative feelings, it turns out some may provide more comfort than others...if you look hard enough.  This one certainly did and helped me pass the time during the surgery with far less worry on my mind.

Seems like Lexington is always being remade these days. Baptist Hospital Lexington, KY.  Canon SX280 HS