Harry's Razors: Product Review

Each time I load up Facebook on my iPhone these days I see at least one ad for Harry's Razors. That and the Dollar Shave Club both have found their way into my feed every day for what seems like forever.  I don't really want to get into how much I hate ads in my Facebook feed, but in this case it may work in my favor.

The Problem

One thing I despise is buying razor blades.  Somehow those sharp pieces of metal are more expensive than gold or platinum of the same weight...or at least that's how it feels when I see 4 replacement blades for my Gillette Fusion ProGlide priced at around $18.00 at the grocery store. My girlfriend will confirm without hesitation that it's my least favorite part of every shopping trip. The flip side of that coin is that I have sensitive skin and a five blade razor with the proper shave gel and aftershave balm is the only way I can keep myself from looking like a pimple-faced teenager after each shave.  It is for that reason that I've never really even considered moving to a cheaper razor.  I have trouble trusting that something less expensive could still do the same quality job on my face.  Then I decided to check out Harry's.

Opening up the Harry's box

The Experience

I'm a fan of Apple and their products.  I like high quality things in general and Apple is a favorite for me because of the experience they create around their products.  They show care in every aspect of designing products all the way down to the packaging, which makes you feel special for having spent way too much money on a tiny computer that doubles as a telephone.  It's a feeling I look forward to each time I go to upgrade my devices.  There are more and more companies realizing the value in standing out from their competitors by creating an experience for their customers rather than just selling them a product.  I believe Harry's is one of those companies.  Their website is sleek and minimal, keeping with current design trends on the web, their approach appears to be all about the quality of the product and the experience I had was tremendous.  

I ordered my Harry's razor (The Truman) on my iPhone from their site and added 16 blades onto the package.  I did this on a Tuesday for and as I checked out I chose standard Ground shipping ($5.00).  The total cost of my order came to $40.00 ($10 for the razor, $25 for the 16 blades and $5 for the shipping) and I was quoted a delivery date of approximately 8 days from my order time.  Initially I was a little disappointed as even basic ground shipping generally doesn't take longer than 5 days, but I was getting a razor + 16 blades for total cost of $40, which would get me 8 replacement blades for my Gillette.  Still seemed like a no brainer.

Early the next morning I received an email indicating that my Harry's order had shipped!  My estimated delivery date was moved up to the Thursday after my order.  I received my Harry's order that day as expected and unboxing it was an unexpected pleasure.  The packaging felt a lot like the Apple of razors for both the razor itself and the additional cartridges.  It was the kind of experience that makes you feel good about the product you are using before you even use it.

As I opened the razor itself I saw what appears to be a high quality product made with care and design in mind.  "American Design...German Engineering" is stamped on the inner box holding the razor itself.  Opening the blade cartridge packs held another simple surprise: basic instructions on how best to install a new cartridge.  Probably unnecessary, but inherently charming nonetheless.  This only left one thing...a test shave.

Everything opened up

Everything opened up

The Shave

Packaging aside, the most important thing about a razor is the quality of the shave.  So how was it?  It was very good.  The blades seem slightly closer together than those in a Gillette cartridge and perhaps angled a bit differently, but it end result was very good.  The head pivots a little differently than the Gillette but seems to perform in a similar fashion.  Having now used the Harry's razor exclusively for a couple of weeks I can say that I'm still happy with my decision. I should point out, however, that the shave is a little different. I do believe it takes a little more technique to get around those tricky areas of the face and the smoothness of a fresh shave doesn't last quite as long as the Gillette.

Overall I'm happy with my choice to go with Harry's.  For the savings over a major brand that they offer (about half the price or better) I was willing to lower my quality standards far more than I ended up doing.  I would recommend this product to anyone who's fed up buying overpriced blades and razors from "major" brands or just anyone who could stand to save about 66% on razor blades.  It will differ for everyone depending on how frequently they shave, but for me that equals about $25/month in extra money.  These days it's not always easy to find these types of savings without sacrificing quality.

Big fan of the instructions in the cartridge box

Close-up of the blade/head

Tried a Harry's razor before or another big brand alternative?  Leave a comment below and let me know about your experience.

Disclaimer: I am not compensated by or affiliated with Harry's in any way.  However, I did use a "refer a friend" link provided to me as a customer in this post. If you prefer to order w/o being referred by me you can go directly to their site at Harrys.com.