Introducing...a blog!

I have only ever started a couple of blogs in my life, but I have to say I have mixed feelings about an "intro" post. On the one hand I kinda feel like "What's the point?". I mean it's not really a topic you are blogging about and isn't that kind of what an About page is for anyway? I think so. Then again, if you don't write an intro post your blog begins much like our universe: big bang and here's a post about some topic. Obviously I'm sure we're all very happy with how The Big Bang created our universe, but is it weird to just throw out a blog post willy nilly without something to let readers know what you're doing here?

So here I am. Writing an intro post that will likely be read by no one, referred to in the future by no one and quickly make its way down to the end of a long line of hopefully much more interesting posts. Even as I write this, I don't really know why I'm doing it.  I feel like maybe I just have this societal pressure to introduce something before just throwing it out into the world. Isn't that just how you do things? 

Well regardless of how you might feel about intro posts, this is mine.  I'm Jeeves and I'll be writing about things in this blog.  They may or may not be interesting, informative, amusing or otherwise entertaining.  You are free to read or not read them at your own discretion.  You are free to comment or not comment on them at your own discretion.  You are free to share or not share them to social media; again at your discretion.  I'll just be writing things and seeing what happens.  I expect it to be a great or not so great adventure.  Perhaps long lived or perhaps off the web tomorrow.  Only time will tell.

Image Cred: The image used to represent this post is not my own work.  I have used it under a CC non-commercial license and its creator deserves the credit.