The best Firefly animated GIFs

Everyone has an opinion on Firefly, the short-lived but fantastic Sci-Fi/Western show which originally aired on FOX so long ago...and that opinion is that it's AMAZING!  Seriously though, have you ever met anyone who has seen Firefly and said it was "okay" or "boring" or "not worth my time"?  Of course you haven't.  That's because it's fantastic.  Anyway, here's a curated collection of my favorite Firefly animated GIFs from all across the internet.

Disclaimer: None of these images including the main post heading belong to me or were created by me.  They are all works of others much more gifted than I.

You don't play a player...

Inara: You don't play a player

How drunk...?

Malcolm Reynolds: How drunk was I last night?

Dino Wash

Wash playing with dinosaurs

Birthday Suit Mal

Malcolm Reynolds letting it all hang out

Did you see us fight?  TRAP!

Malcolm Reynolds: You see us fight?  TRAP!

Everybody dies alone

Malcolm Reynolds: Everybody dies alone

Mercy is the mark of a great man...

Malcolm Reynolds sword duel: Mercy is the mark of a great man.  Guess I'm just a good man.  Well I'm all right.

Mal Speechless

Malcolm Reynolds speechless

Shoot 'em?

Zoe and Mal: Shoo 'em?  Politely.

Ship like this...

Malcolm Reynolds: Ship like this, be with you 'till the day you die

I will end you

Malcolm Reynolds: I will end you

Take me seriously

Mal and Jayne take me seriously

Leaf on the wind

Wash: I'm a leaf on the wind

You wanna run this ship?...

Malcolm Reynolds: You wanna run this ship? can't!

Malcolm Reynolds: can't!

I aim to misbehave

Malcolm Reynolds: I aim to misbehave.

No power in the verse...

River Tam: No power in the verse can stop me.

This is your captain speaking...

Malcolm Reynolds: We may experience some slight turbulence and then explode.

These are some of my favorites.  Did I leave any out?  If so, link them in the comments or drop me a line and maybe I'll include them in an update!